Presentation Slides

Dr Misty Palmer

"Research Impact at the National Health medical Research Council."

Rosemary Walley
"Kadadjiny Dwank (listening, thinking and learning with your ears)."

Dr Kootsy Canuto
"It's quite easy to be a father, but you've got to be a dad as well."

Eleanor Garrard & Stephen McDonald

"Establishment of the National Indigenous Kidney
Transplantation Taskforce."

Jose Estevez

"Prevalence and treatment coverage rates of refractive error among Aboriginal Australians."

Leda Sivak and Seth Westhead

"Developing ways of measuring the impact of language reclamation on social and emotional wellbeing: The Barngarla Language and Wellbeing Study."

Adriana Parrella and Kim Morey

"Cultural Safety in Rural and Remote Aboriginal Aged Care"

Liam Harte

"Environment Scan of research into Aboriginal Health and well being in the Sydney Basin"

Aunty Kerrie Doyle

"Sharing our stories of Health Research Partnerships"

Robert Dann and Anna Dawson

"Understanding Stress and Staying Strong in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and Human Services Workforce"

Karen Glover and Lisa Khan

"Researching together to achieve a healthy and just future for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families"

Dr Kalinda Griffiths

"The identification of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in official statistics: critical issues of international significance"

Dr Karla Canuto

National Indigenous Research(er) Capacity Building Project"

Katharine McBride, Aunty Janice Rigney and Aunty Christine Franks

"Good Heart: Conceptualising Aboriginal women's understanding of what protects or puts at risk the heart."

Tina Brodie

"Perspectives of integrating Indigenous knowledge into a mixed-methods research design to address social and emotional wellbeing."

Associate Professor Luke Burchill

"Improving health outcomes through data-driven policy-relevant research."

Greg Pratt

"Developing Guidelines for genomic research with the Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Peoples of Queensland."

Hylda Wapau

"Community-driven Research in Torres Strait"

Professor Lisa Jackson Pulver AM

"Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health research Showcase 2020"